Kids Fitness

free movement fitness
Gymfinity has a kids fitness program which is designed to appeal to all children. Its called Evolution Movement. Our program offers exercises for children in a group (or individual) that provide increased strength, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness. It improves their social skills and stimulates their cognitive abilities. But above all, his great pleasure.
The best way to find someone to work is to make their work more fun. Regularly at home we play Pick Up Clean Up to tidy the house and the kids do not mind a little work because they do not know his work. This same concept applies to the stairs of the metro in the video. How can we get people to make a better choice about something as mundane as climbing stairs? Make fun stairs. How can we children to exercise and want to do more? We do the same thing, have fun.
In one movement classes Evolution Gymfinity a coach / trainer Sateash had children playing a game. They had to move a mountain of foam blocks on one side of the floor to the other and overcome some obstacles along the way: pass under a low bridge, jump over a hoop, swinging on a bar (holding their block in their feet) and when they finally got through, they had to use the block to build a castle. Each child in the class worked together and the pace was, of course, as fast as you can go. Thats the game, but what was the benefit? With a fast pace, children ran (Cardio), passing under the bridge meant crawling with the block between your knees, push up position. In reality, they were a push up changed. Then to jump through the hoop, they really made a long jump. While tightening the oscillating block is an isometric exercise leg and swinging is an arm and shoulder strength skill. Strengthening teamwork and communication skills necessary castle as well as having to think about the structural stability of their castle. (Not to mention the ab workout laughing so much). Whens the last time you have a lot of your training?
Evolution Movement classes also build on the expertise child physical. As we need to understand numbers, letters and notes to be able to do math, reading and writing and playing music, a child needs to practice simple movement patterns that become later competence in development. An elephant nose swing to a small child can develop into a forehand court, a golf swing or a baseball field. Gymfinitys Evolution Movement takes this concept to appropriate levels for each child. Again learning by doing fun things makes learning easier and allows a child has lessons and recall movement patterns flawless.
Unfortunately right now in our society, we have a vast division between children that move and children who do not. The first are challenged at their level and they develop most often in children and healthy adults and happy who love sports and love the feeling of being in shape. These are often kept out of being active because they see the gap as division so daunting that they are afraid even to approach a gym. Gymfinity and Gyms like her, have a stigma attached to it that is a place for the first group of children but not the second. Motion Evolution With this restriction, or the perception of it is deleted. Children are never compared to each other and never against a national standard. They will only be compared to themselves. Tests pre and post tests, and challenge days to give children feedback on their progress and help set goals for their future. The direction is defined by the child in collaboration with Sateash as a personal trainer. This program can mean the world to a child. It makes them feel good about themselves and lead healthy and active. What could we want for children?
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